Fairfax party planner


Our mission is to plan and design exceptional experiences that create lifelong memories.


We believe that there is always a reason to party. We believe that the sweetest moments can be found in seeing a child laugh or when a groom first sees his bride. We believe that life would be boring without balloons. We believe that there is great importance in gathering people together. We believe in sparking emotion through color, texture, food, and human interaction. We believe that a party without cake is truly just a meeting. We believe that when leaves fall from trees it is really just the natural version of confetti. We believe that every human has talents that are invaluable to this world. We believe that every person is unique and deserves to be celebrated in a way that makes them feel special. 

Collage of photos of Madison celebrating


When I was little, my mother would throw me the most amazing parties that always made me feel so special. As I grew older, I realized that I had the same desire that she did: making people feel valued through celebrations. This passion combined itself with a love for design, organization, cooking, baking, and voilà, I became a wedding and party planner.
With my company, I create exceptionally planned weddings and parties that are sophisticated, bright, memorable, and of course, fun. With four years in the DC event industry, I bring my expertise to my clients every day, and what a joy it is!
We are in the beginning days of my vision (and girlfriend, are there some fun things coming), but my greatest joy is knowing that we do not just provide services, but we create experiences that become lifelong memories for each guest. We are so grateful for your support, choosing to party with us, and being a part of our confetti-filled journey. 
Madison Hummel
Founder & Chief Party Officer
Madison and her mom creating a party in a box