Our Favorite Christmas Traditions | Party Postess

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions |  Party Postess
Hey party people!
Christmas is right around the corner and the Postess gang couldn't be more excited!  The holidays are a time for us to step away from our crazy schedules and  spend time with the people we care for the most. Holiday traditions can be as simple as watching your favorite quintessential Christmas movies to hosting the "Annual Neighborhood Christmas Party". To help get in the spirit of the holidays we're counting down our favorite holiday traditions at the Party Postess!
During family meals, share what you're thankful for
This is a great way to lift each other up and give gratitude towards the ones you love the most.
Drive around your town to look at Christmas lights in your PJs
Find out which neighborhoods in your local area have Christmas displays.  Sometimes you can find one where the lights will sync up to a station on your radio!
Have a movie/ Pajama day complete with hot chocolate and your favorite snacks
Who doesn't love a little time off from work or school to watch some of the classics?
Bake sugar cookies and decorate them
Our Christmas is not complete without some fabulous reindeer cookies that you can't wait to dive into.  Don't forget to save a couple for Santa!
Make some holiday cookies for your neighbors
Neighbors love unexpected surprises.  This is a great way to tell them how much your appreciate them.
Make a graham cracker/ gingerbread cookie house
Any kid would LOVE this activity because its full of everything sweet! The coolest part about this activity is that no two houses ever come out exactly alike!
Read Christmas stories
As a child my grandparents used to read us "The Night Before Christmas" and the Christmas story out of the Bible every year.  This is something we definitely want to keep going in our family.
Go Christmas shopping/ wrap Christmas gifts
Its always a tradition in my family to shop local as much as we can during the holidays.  We love supporting our local community whenever they need help!
Go to candle light Christmas Eve service
We love going candle light services on Christmas Eve.  Usually our extended family will come with us and then come to our house for dinner afterwards!
Have a gift exchange on Christmas morning
On thanksgiving when my family is all together, we'll have everyone draw a name out of a hat and buy a little gift for them.  We always set a spending limit to something reasonable and then exchange our gifts either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning!
Whether you look forward to the annual neighborhood Christmas party in your quiet cul-de-sac every year or your family piles into the car and drives around town to look at Christmas lights, at The Party Postess we believe traditions are what make Christmas so special.
We would love for you to check out our seasonal and annual party boxes that are perfect for any holiday coming up. Let us help make any occasion a special one! From all of us at Party Postess, Happy Holidays!
Ansley Engwall

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