How to Throw a Virtual Party | Party Postess

How to Throw a Virtual Party | Party Postess

Throwing a virtual party and not sure where to start? Don't stress, we have you covered. This "how-to" guide will walk you through everything you need in order to have an amazing celebration with your family and friends. 


Step 1: Create your Guest List & Choose a Date

The first step for throwing a virtual party is creating your guest list because you will want to make sure your guest of honor, as well as any other "must-have" guests, are available. Once you know the availability of the ones you will be celebrating with, select a date and time for the virtual party.

Step 2: Send the Invitation

Notify your guests of the time and date of the virtual party and collect RSVPs for who will be attending along with their addresses for the next step. The invitation can be done in the form of an online invitation, text, or email. Don't forget to create the meeting link and send it along with the invitation.

Step 3: Select the Theme

Choose one of our virtual party themes here and send a party box to each of the guests attending. Every box automatically comes with 1 dessert plate, 1 stemless wine glass, 1 napkin, 1 cutlery set, and our Postess Handbook which provides ideas for the food, dress code, and games to bring the party to life. Then, based on the theme, there are options to build the rest of your party with wearables, favors and other fun items.

Step 4: Your Party (Boxes) Arrive!

Within 5-7 days of ordering, each guest will receive their virtual party box. Read through the Postess Handbook contained in the box and decide what activities, dress code, and food you will be having so that every guest is on the same page. 

Step 5: Celebrate

Woohoo, today is the virtual party. Plan some time before the party starts to ensure each of the invited guests have the link. Then, get dressed, get your bites together, and have fun!

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