Fiesta Party Activities | Party Postess

Fiesta Party Activities | Party Postess

Here at Party Postess, we love seasonal parties. This year, we launched our Summer Fiesta Box which is ideal for sprucing up a family dinner or getting some friends together on your patio. While food and chatting is great, here are some ideas for activities to do with your guests (and that are kid-friendly!). 

1. Painted Succulents

All you need for this activity is a succulent or cactus in a small pot, paint colors, paint brushes, and a sharpie. Take the plant out of the pot it came in (this part is for adults only) and put it to the side. Then, have everyone choose their favorite paint color and have them paint their pot that color. Next, let it dry for 10-20 minutes and eepeat for up to 2-3 coats. Once dried, write the name of the person on the pot and re-plant the succulent. 

2. Fiesta Coloring Sheets

Search and print out coloring sheets of cacti, sombreros, tacos, and all sorts of fiesta-related images. Lay out colorful markers with the coloring sheets and let the kiddos have at it. 

3. Build-Your-Own Taco Bar

Why not couple food with an activity? For this one lay out on a table or island all the fun fillings and toppings for tacos and have them build it on the cactus plate in our party box

4. Decorate Cupcakes

One of the add-ons we sell with our fiesta box is a cupcake kit by Meri Meri (one of our personal favorites!). Spend some time during the day making these cupcakes and then at the party, have people decorate them with the fun cactus toppers and colorful sprinkles!

5. Yard Games

Purchase some fun yard inflatables that duo as games. One of our favorites is a cactus ring toss--this also adds a little extra festivity to the backyard. Or, if you have any green non-fiesta related games, these can work too. 

Xoxo, Madison


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